There is a farmer in all of us. ( BY VICTORIA AMOR )

Never would i have thought about having a family that wasn’t blood.

Never did i think i would have 3 mom , plus 20 ” brothers and sisters” .

Nun of this could of happen if it wasn’t for FFA.

FFA is more the farming and raising animals ; you create a family and a new home.

No, its not something that replaces your REAL FAMILY and home: but its some where you can go, its people you know other then your family that will be there for you.

These teachers try as hard as our parents do to help us, to make sure we achieve our highest goals in life. To guide us and show us the path we show take.

We see our teachers more then we see our family, so yes we do become very attach we them just for the fact that we look up to them. We see them as our leaders or guidance.

For me personally i don’t know where i would be right now without FFA. For me it showed me the light after high school, i thought me what i wanted to do with my life; what i want to be what my goals are.


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