Choosing the right one

​Is a bunny the right companion for you?

88a3c4396f030230b0424a815ba4b6b3 Rabbits are great indoor pets, but they are not the right pet for everyone!

Everyone in life desires a companion, even some type of love and affection that they know they can rely on.  Most people look for this in pet. Normal people get a dog or a cat, but if you’re that few that goes out of the box; a bunny might be the one you are looking towards.

Here is something you maybe didn’t know rabbits are the third most popular pet in America, after cats and dogs, according to the Humane Society of the United States—and the third most abandoned.Most Americans have a sense of how long cats and dogs live, the kind of care they need, their behaviors. But rabbits? How long do you think domestic rabbits live. “One to two years?” “Maybe three?” In fact, with proper care, rabbits live 10 to 12 years.

 Of course, a baby bunny is cute, fluffy and cuddly, however, they grow up quickly and if you are going to respect their lives and care for one you must ask yourself: Do I know enough about rabbits?

 I recommend researching and looking in to the type of bunny you are wanting  before making the commitment to a one as they live up to 12 years of age, we all want to make sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.


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