The Last Day of My Junior Year in High School

Summer Balloons

Can’t believe that junior year is already over! I enjoyed all of my classes so much, and the year just flew by! I’m excited to be a senior.

I’ve done so many thing this year  i’d never think i would do before. First of all , i changed my endorsement once again to being a farmer ; who would of thought.

Who would think that someone who wanted to be a psychiatrist ended up wanting to work with cows and plows.

I’m thankful for how easy this year has been for me so i can just slide into senior year like a cake walk. Yet it leaves me a little nervous.

High school juniors are often overlooked. Everyone gets excited about becoming a “fish”, or counting down the days until graduation. However, as a junior most feel thrown into the mix.  You have a lot of big dreams, but are not sure how to make them happen. You don’t know where life will take you , But junior year was a big!  It is had a few busy months, but there is something i never forgot . As a FFA member and now an upperclassman, your had your  peers looking up to you; and this being my first year i made it a goal to achieve my wildest dreams as an FFA member.

Next year, i had a Achieved a wild dream of mine which was to become an FFA officer; which puts a lot of responsibility on me.

Thinking about it , at the end of next year i will be having to hang up my jacket. To be honest i think my goodbye speak to my FFA chapter will be the hardest thing for me next year .


I need to make the most of what time i do have with this organization, and just pray everything goes as planned for next year.


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